Why should I join NBE?

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Come and join the NBE Community

NBE is the UK's leading charity on all aspects of moving and handling. NBE is about relationships.  Our strength comes from our membership.  Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the industry, it doesn’t matter, all are welcome. You will be joining an engaging and supportive community.

Why join NBE?

Some of us work in teams, some of us work in isolation. Many moving and handling practitioners, who are specialists within their organisations, work alone. By joining the NBE community you’ll feel connected. Being part of a larger body of like-minded people will give you confidence in what you do and how you do it.

Power of the People - two heads are better than one? Well, what about a whole community!  You can become part of an organised movement that fosters creativity and learning. Our members come from all corners of the moving and handling world, which gives us the power to see the full picture.  NBE is made up of a vast amount of talent, expertise, specialisms, experience, and perspectives. This enables us to influence, guide and effect change on a national level. NBE is greater than the sum of its parts.


What will I get?

NBE Website Moving and Handling Hub

Website the hub for all you need to know about NBE, the moving and handling profession and access to members-only information and resources.

NBE Community

Community Engagement Platform access information, assistance and support from the NBE community as well as building professional relationships. Our interactive community platform allows members to create their own virtual business card, be part of our NBE members directory, message other members directly, and join NBE community groups. Members can access the platform on a desktop or via a downloadable mobile app. 


Column, the Journal of NBE access to quarterly publications of Column, our industry journal as well as the full archive. Column provides a wealth of information, including latest research, interesting articles, life stories, product reviews, local group news and much more.


Resources in addition to the news, publications, job board and useful links, members can access our Moving and Handling document and video libraries containing the latest information on the industry.


Discount receive discounts of a wide range of publications.

National Back Exchange Webinars

Webinars free access to our schedule of webinars from expert practioners sharing insight on everything from moving and handling best practice to case studies while encouraging discussion and questions. Our webinars allow collaborative and conversational engagement all from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.

National Back Exchange NewsletterNewsletter the latest industry news in a membership only circulation.
National Back Exchange Annual ConferenceConference receive exclusive discount booking rates when you sign up for the NBE annual conference.
NBE Expert SupportExpert support dedicated support from the NBE Board.
NBE Advanced Membership

Advanced potential to apply to become an advanced member giving you the opportunity to demonstrate an advanced level of competence specific to the Moving and Handling discipline. Click here for more details.


What can I achieve?

  • Develop your knowledge and skills
  • Engage with the community
  • Drive conversations
  • Grow your professional network
  • Grow your team
  • Increase your value to your employer
  • Influence practise
  • Get involved
  • Join a special interest group
  • Join the Exec Committee
  • Attend Conference
  • Advance to Advanced Membership.

How do I convince my boss?

Tell your boss:

  • Your aims, goals, aspirations – how joining NBE meet these
  • Its not just about you, it’s about you and the team and the organisation
  • You plan to share what you learn
  • Enhancing your skills enhances the team’s skills
  • Of any knowledge and skills gaps – how NBE will fill those gaps
  • It is essential to your ongoing personal development.