Aims, Mission, Vision

Vision: Excellence in all aspects of moving and handling








  • To develop and promote standards for moving and handling of people and loads across all sectors in line with evolving research evidence
  • To promote the exchange and dissemination of information and ideas on moving and handling
  • To promote the application in practice of evidence, skills and information from relevant areas of science
  • To market the positive benefits of evidence based best practice to stakeholders, employers and other relevant bodies
  • To maintain a structure for the provision of information and support for members
  • To contribute to a systems management approach to health, safety and wellbeing



National Back Exchange, referred to as “NBE”, is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Charity number: 1202540) whose goal is to develop, disseminate, and promote evidence-based best practice in all aspects of manual handling and back care.  

It is run on a voluntary basis by a National Board of Trustees elected from the membership.

NBE’s vision for “Excellence in all aspects of moving and handling” is supported with aims to reflect the growing recognition and significance of its work.

The charity consults widely with other organisations having similar goals and actively contributes to national working parties and projects as well as supporting research and practice development.

‘Column’, the journal of NBE, provides a valuable means of communication and is supported by web-based members’ forums where topics can be freely discussed and advice sought.

Since 1992 NBE has run a highly respected and successful residential conference in September for people with an interest in manual handling.

The membership of NBE includes professionals from a wide range of disciplines, including

  • Health and social care
  • Therapies
  • Education
  • Health and safety
  • Ergonomics
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Industry

The development of an Advanced Membership category (similar to a post graduate diploma) in 2006 has increased the professionalism and recognition of personnel engaged in this field. Advanced membership applicants must have an active NBE membership to be eligible to apply.

Networking and support of our members is facilitated by an interactive website and membership engagement platform, including a membership directory, and links with organisations who share similar goals (both at home and abroad). NBE has a number of local affiliated groups located throughout the UK which run meetings on a regular basis. The local groups are an excellent way to promote networking, to share and disseminate information and support members at a local level.

NBE also provides a number of resources to support and develop practice including a series of information leaflets and professional publications.

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