Conference Programme

Invited Speakers

Tharaka GunarathneDr Tharaka Gunarathne
Psychiatrist, TV Doctor, TEDX Speaker and Expert on - Motivation, Mental Health, Memory Power, Cognitive Biases, Dynamics and Culture 

Dr T (Dr Tharaka Gunarathne), based in Aberdeen, Scotland, is a three-times TEDx Speaker, Podcaster and TV Psychiatrist - appearing as resident Mind Expert on celebrity shows including ITV’s “Big Brother”, BBC’s Morning Live, Channel 4’s “Can I Improve My Memory”, and the world-first hit show, “Scared of the Dark”.

Having become a Medical Doctor around 20 years ago, and specialising as a Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr T now takes his insights on ‘Mindset and High Performance’ to audiences across the world, raising the roof at events with barrels of energy, joy and practical tools for transformation!


Isaac HarveyIsaac Harvey MBE
Disability Advocate, Content Creator, President at Wheels and Wheelchairs

Born and raised in East London, with a disability called limb/pelvic hypo/aplasia, which means no arms and short legs. This condition, however, has never been a barrier to ambitions. From skiing and skydiving to tall ship sailing, Embracing every adventure with enthusiasm, where it is accepted first and questions are asked later. For over a decade, I've used my feet to operate computers, edit videos, manage emails and connect with the world.

My journey has been marked by significant milestones and recognition. Recently, I was honoured with an MBE, awarded by King Charles himself, for my services and advocacy to those within the disability community. I have also modelled an official London Fashion Week catwalk which led me to being featured in Vogue magazine, sharing the importance of adaptive clothing. I've also built a following of over 40,000 people on LinkedIn, sharing my experiences and insights with a global audience.

My role as an ambassador for several charities and as the president of Wheels and Wheelchairs - an organisation where roller skaters push wheelchair users - reflects my commitment to community and inclusivity.

My achievements have been only possible because of the continued support of friends and family, who have always encouraged me to be the best version of myself. This support was crucial as I navigated the challenges of mental health, learning the importance of honesty and self-awareness.

At the end of the day, my goal is not to change the world, but to make a difference in individual lives. By sharing both the highs and lows of my journey, I just want to have a realistic perspective on disability and it can still be a very fulfilling life.


Confirmed Workshops

  • Taking the risk out of risk assessments: Part two: Risk and data driven interventions for organisational change
    This presentation introduces a framework for using risk assessments to drive organisational change, focusing on weighted assessments, interventions, staff education, and systematic implementation. Evaluation through sensitivity analysis is crucial. Grounded in evidence-based practice, legal research, and contemporary literature, this peer-reviewed methodology offers unique insights into effective risk management.
    Louis Watson, Legal and Risk Management Consultant, Health and safety risk management and legal solutions 
  • Manoeuvring the deceased plus size patient for repatriation to funeral director
    This session focuses on maneuvering deceased plus-size patients for repatriation to funeral directors, highlighting problem-solving for unsuitable equipment. It presents a successful option used by a neighboring health board, identifies issues and possible solutions, evaluates appropriate equipment, and tests different methods to determine the best practices for future use.
    Gemma Vaughan, Manual Handling Manager, Hywel Dda University Health Board
  • Risks of using Patient's own sling in acute hospital setting
    To look at the risks associated with Patient's bringing in their own slings.  Explore the implications of not using a patient's own slings with rehabilitation and discharge consequences.  Community to have a better understanding of why Trusts find using Patient's own sling a challenge.  Looking at LOLER responsibilities for the Trust and whether these can be met enough to keep everyone safe.  explore different slings out in the community and how we can make sure staff know how to apply them (do trainers how to)
    Tracey Martin, Moving and handling Advisor, MTW NHS Trust
  • Non-consensual care.....A kinder alternative to physical restraint - SPONSORED BY POBWORKS
    This workshop aims to address the sensitive issue of non-consensual care in nursing homes, particularly focusing on residents with dementia. At the heart of this session is the demonstration and exploration of the pobroll®, a new innovation designed specifically to address the challenges of delivering essential care to individuals who are unable to give consent
    Pat O'Brien, Physiotherapist, POBWORKS 
  • Improving Patient Wellbeing: How to Empower Bariatric Patients in Acute and Community Care Environments - SPONSORED BY CORECARE
    CoreCare Global, featuring healthcare companies Innova Care Concepts and Vivid.Care, are proud to present an engaging and interactive workshop that delves into the transformative journey of bariatric patients, exploring how innovative equipment solutions can empower them in both acute and community care settings
    Anita Rush, Clinical Nursing and Plus-Size Management Specialist, Freelance / CoreCare
  • The Falling Person, lets discuss!
    There are always questions about what to do when a person is falling. Do we catch, do we guide, do we allow them to descend, do we redirect or do nothing at all? Over the years the guidance has varied within the HOP books and other publications.
    Lois Lees, Owner, Moving and Handling Training and Consultancy
  • Help me where do I start'
    The moving with dignity team identified how do people know what to learn and plan their learning if they don’t know the subject matter. Norfolk has developed a preceptorship program for newly qualified clinicians.  Working with the Moving with Dignity Team and following the Pillars of Practice model we have developed 5 moving with dignity modules.
    Melanie Furness, Moving with Dignity Team Manager, Norfolk County Council 
  • Understanding Behaviour That Challenges and It’s Implications For Moving and Handling Practice.
    Many of the people we support are labelled as having challenging behaviours.  This workshop explores why these behaviours may be occurring and how clearer understanding of these behaviours can produce a better person-centred manual handling plan.
    Mike Cowan-Jones, Director/Occupational Therapist/Trainer, ARMS Rehab
  • Slide Sheets - Unlocking their potential
    In the modern world, slide sheets are vital in the moving and handling industry. This session will look at the safe systems of work in place for the use of slide sheets at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.
    Laura Wilshaw, Moving and Handling Advisor, EKHUFT
  • DSE's Have we changed with the times?
    Looking at how we assess DSE's look at the Anthropometric measurements, are they adequate? Do we need to think about individuals who will have protected characteristics? What measurements are we taking, are they suitable for remote working?
    Sarah Wells, Moving and Handling Facilitator, Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust
  • Person-centred, balanced manual handling risk assessment: a challenge..
    Legislation and guidance require us to undertake manual handling risk assessments that are person-centred and balanced.  But do we know what that actually means and are we confident that our approach, our process, our documentation and our recommendations fit with this requirement?  This session will look briefly at the relevant law and guidance that underpins this approach and will include information from legal cases.
    Elizabeth Hallows, Chartered Physiotherapist and Moving and Handling Advisor
  • Why are we still hoisting off the floor?
    Following a serious falls incident  and the potential worsening of an injury due to a patient being hoisted off the floor into bed the patient safety team questioned why are we still hoisting off off the floor? The incident led to a review of managing all patients who fall to the floor and  the the subsequent introduction of flat lifting equipment.
    Mark Deardon, Moving and Handling Advisor, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust
  • Are you prescribing and providing Plus Size Care: Lots of practical scenarios across the system
    This practical session will explore different techniques to apply different sling types for the Plus Size individual.  The group will be divided up and will all have an opportunity to carry out the assigned tasks.
    Deborah Harrison, Managing Director, A1 Risk Solutions
  • Are you prescribing and providing Single-Handed Care: Lots of practical scenarios across the system. 
    This practical session will explore different techniques to move an individual up the bed. Using the BORG Scale 6-20 will evaluate the ease of each task and decide what technique will be suitable for different service users/patients.
    Deborah Harrison, Managing Director, A1 Risk Solutions
  • Pressure Ulcers… not my problem! SPONSORED BY ARJO
    This engaging session is a pause for thought for your approach to safe patient handling and pressure ulcer prevention and care.   Delve into the crucial aspects of early detection and dynamic risk assessment, empowering you to identify potential issues before they escalate. Learn how to leverage these insights to improve outcomes for your patients, ensuring their comfort and well-being remain at the forefront of your care.
    Clair Sharpe, Clinical Manager - Mobility Outcomes, Arjo
  • Mobilisation Matters - the power of sit-to-stand devices SPONSORED BY ETAC
    Janes session will look at the consequences of immobility and the importance of keeping residents’ abilities going; eg. Using sit-to-stand aids to keep muscle strength, so the user is able to stand up when getting dressed. This reduces the strain on the carer and increases the dignity for the resident.
    Jane Sharpe, Clinical Education Manager, Etac
  • The complexities and practicalities of using toileting slings
    The presenters will discuss postural tone and the effects of the motility of the gut and the effects on toileting regimes for clients with complex needs. The session will explore different types of toileting sling, with regard to the ease of fitting, ability to remove and refit clothing, and the support offered to the client. 
    Julia Love, Moving and Handling Practitioner, LPS Training Consultancy
  • Introducing the Movementor App for complex moving and handling situations. SPONSORED BY MOVEMENTOR
    Introducing the Movementor App, a unique person centred moving and handling assessment tool for complex and challenging situations. This workshop will outline the assessment tool and it’s unique features.  The app has been designed to support the assessor through the complex matrix of considerations, acknowledging differing voices and exploring holistic and person-centred approaches, embracing the FREDA principles. 
    Anne Lofthouse, Moving and Handling Adviser/ Occupational Therapist, Movementor-app