AGM and Board meetings


The annual general meeting (AGM) is the mandatory yearly meeting of NBE’s membership held in September.

At the AGM, the Board of Directors present an annual report containing information for members about the Association's performance over the past year and strategies for the future. The AGM also includes election of Honorary and Board members.

Any business required by a member to be considered at AGM must be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 60 days before the AGM.


Election to the Board of Directors

All members of the Board of Directors must resign annually, and nominations are invited for each position. 

Nominations to the Board of Directors must be submitted using the Nominations to the NBE Board of Directors form. Written nominations should be received at least 60 day prior to the AGM. The remaining vacant posts will be filled from the floor at the AGM.

Each nomination must include the consent of the nominee and be supported by two seconders. All nominees, their proposers and the seconders must be current members of NBE at the time of nomination and election at AGM otherwise the nomination shall become void.

Where nominations exceed vacancies election will be by ballot.

Successful nominees will take their position on the Board at the AGM.

The date and time of the AGM, deadline for written nominations and updated Nominations to the Board of Directors forms will be published to the website and via the Members Forum ahead of the AGM.

Associated documentation, including the Board of Director's Reports, Agenda and Minutes of the previous year’s AGM will be posted to the website and via the Members Forum when the online voting goes live.


Board Meetings

2023 Schedule
Monday 16th January
Tuesday 14th March
Monday 15th May
Monday 10th July
Thursday 14thSeptember  






Members can access Board Minute Meeting Minutes here.