Meet the NBE Board: Sharon Rindsland, Conference Director

Sharon Rindsland, NBE Conference Director

Where do you work?
I work for East Kent Hospitals University Foundation NHS Trust as the Senior Moving and Handling Co-Ordinator.

What do you do in your spare time?
I have my own Business Recognising Quality Solutions (RQS) I work and support others with documentation, risk assessment policies, business cases along with legal documentation for court cases etc.
I also have eight grandchildren which keeps me very busy trying to spend time with them all. I love keeping fit and travelling.


What are the day-to-day tasks that you get involved with?
Writing policies and risk assessments. Attending fundamentals of care meetings around patient safety, looking at ways for identifying equipment, and building business cases to enable funding for purchase to keep our patients and staff safe. Support tissue viability and falls with manual handling techniques and equipment to reduce falls and Pressure ulcers. Problem-solving with issues of patient mobility, especially bariatric, to enable the patient to go home. Working with serious incident groups to understand what went wrong.


What made you want to get involved with the National Back Exchange initially?
I have always been passionate about the importance of posture and understanding how the body works. I have been in manual handling now for 26 years. I first went to conference about 14 years ago and was blown away by the amount of equipment out there that I was not aware of. I wanted to get involved with the National as most people who know me will see my passion, I love to challenge processes and make change, I feel working with the National helps me make a difference to others.”

What is the most unexpected task you have had to complete so far as NBE Conference Director?
Building conference each year. You need to take everyone’s opinion on board and try to build a conference for everyone. Until you do it, you don’t realise the work that goes in. I will spend two days a week looking and answering e-mails from delegates who want to take part, this gets busier the closer to conference we get. I am sure that not all members know that the board of NBE does all this work free of charge, as we are passionate and want to support others.


Why do you think members should attend the Annual Conference – what is the purpose, what can attendees expect, and what are you most looking forward to about it?
I am so excited about conference this year, as we have only a few plenaries, but more hands-on workshops. Each workshop has to have a case study the delegates problem solve around that case study using the equipment in the room. The idea is to get everyone working together and sharing knowledge, using different equipment. Workshops are broken down into Acute, Paediatrics, Community, Bariatric, Evacuation, and even Cyber technology giving us more continuity. I want all our delegates to leave our conference feeling enlightened and full of purpose.


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