Five Mobility become First NBE Corporate Partner

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NBE is pleased to announce that it has its very first Corporate Partner in Five Mobility.

In order to further support the NBE vision to promote excellence in all aspects of Moving & Handling, NBE has created new Corporate Partnership packages providing companies with a unique opportunity for exposure to the NBE membership.

Five Mobility seized the opportunity to get involved, choosing to become Platinum Corporate Partners, with Greg Wingate, Sales Director, saying,

“We are delighted to be announced as the first ‘Corporate Partner’ of the National Back Exchange. As a service specialising in the management of plus size individuals, we already have a close working relationship with many of the group members in their individual settings, and to become a corporate partner was a natural fit for Five Mobility. On a personal and local level I have worked with both Essex and East Anglia groups as secretary with the former for almost a decade. This has allowed me to build upon my own knowledge within the industry. We hope our partnership with the National Back Exchange will continue to grow Five Mobility’s profile and allow us to showcase our collaborative and consultative approach to patients and care providers.”

NBE Sponsorship Manager, Jenny Lowrey, was equally delighted that Five Mobility saw the natural fit and benefits of becoming the first Corporate Partner, and added,

“When I initially shared the idea with Greg and the team, there was a lot of excitement around the partnership potential, and I am super excited to have them joining us and paving the way for NBE Corporate Partners. It’s a pleasure to have such an engaged and enthusiastic company involved from the get-go, especially when they have such big growth plans! I look forward to supporting that growth through our NBE Partnership.”

Find out more about Five Mobility HERE.

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