NBE Local Groups

Local Groups connect you to your local NBE community. They meet on a regular basis with frequency dependent on the individual Group. Joining a Local Group will open doors of professional opportunity.

You can:

  • Find out what is happening in your area, within neighbouring authorities, trusts and organisations
  • Get together with your peers to start a local project and change practise on a wider scale.

Some Groups have websites and/or Facebook pages to help you keep in touch. Some Groups organise webinars, study days or training events to help you broaden your skill set and deepen your knowledge base. Some even have group resources, such as force gauges, bariatric suits etc. to share with their members.

For those who work in isolation or are the expert within their organisation, being part of the local network gives you confidence in what you do and how you do it.

Local Group Affiliation 

Affiliation is the process whereby Local Back Exchange Groups apply to be recognised as a part of NBE and can show that they are following the same aims and objectives as NBE.

Affiliation is not compulsory but National Back Exchange actively encourage all Local Back Exchange groups to affiliate.

To affiliate, the Local Officer for the group can complete an application form in the Affiliation Document.

To apply for affiliation, please review, complete and return the following document: Affiliation Document.

Please return to admin@nationalbackexchange.org.

To find out more about joining your Local Group contact our Admin Team or the relevant contact from below:  

Cornwall & Devon 

Diane Swallow - email


East Anglia 

Melanie Furness - email


East Midlands 

Alison Smith - email



Isaac Ferneyhough - email



Sharon Rindsland - email

Sarah Wells - email

James Smith - email


Lancashire & Greater Manchester 

Lindsey Murray - email



Valerie Phillips - email


London South 

Julie Stevens - email



Alan Stokoe - email

Daniel David - email


Northern Ireland 

Steven Hanley - email

Judith Thompson - email

Matthew Jaimson - email


West Midlands 

Heather Bertasius - email


North West and North Wales 

Sarah Jones - email



Nesther Nembaware - email


The Scottish Manual Handling Forum 

Emma Collins - email


Somerset, Avon and Gloucester 

Heather Banks - email



Julie Stevens - email

Lanre Nehan - Babalola - email


South Wales 

Eric Hetherington - email



Lee Sherwood - email



Vicky Page - Chestney - email