Moving and Handling Advisor

Manchester Local Care Organisation
Full Time
1 year ago

To undertake Manual Handling Training to all community NHS staff groups across Manchester and Trafford Local Care Organisations and to selected external agencies.

To act as one of the Trust advisors for all matters concerning manual handling, including devising policies, procedures and safe systems of work.

To be responsible for all aspects of manual handling training, including devising, delivering and evaluating the training

To provide specialist advice and information on manual handling issues for people and loads based upon expertise and current evidence based best practice.

Promote awareness of safe techniques that aid reduction in musculoskeletal disorders arising from work related activity

To keep up to date with and appropriately apply relevant current and proposed health & safety legislation, case law, Acts of Parliament and new and emerging professional guidelines.

To play a key role in promoting the health, safety and welfare of all employees.

To advise on the investigation and reporting (internal and external, including RIDDOR) of all moving and handling related safety incidents.

To ensure dissemination of learning from moving and handling related safety incidents.


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