Ali Roper

Membership Director

I am a registered LD nurse and practised in the field for a several years working with people with complex health needs before becoming interested in moving and handling training and taking on the role of a training facilitator for my service in 1997. My interest in safer handling developed and I took on an advisory role for my organisation in 2004 working mainly in NHS mental health services although my role also takes me into Neighbourhood Nursing, Neurorehab and Stroke services. I have been a longstanding member of NBE and am a member of the Professional Affairs Group and also served on NBEs Yorkshire branch of committee for several years, more recently as Chair of the group. I have now taken on the Membership Director role for NBE and look forward to meeting our members and ensuring that NBE is working for them going forward.

Current role(s) and affiliations:
Musculoskeletal Health Specialist Adviser
Membership Director NBE