Mike Fray

Mike Fray

Loughborough University

Dr Mike Fray currently works a senior lecturer for the School of Design and Creative Art at Loughborough UniversityHe holds first degrees in Ergonomics (Loughborough University) and Physiotherapy (Leeds University) and a PhD.

After working in the transport field (Ford, ICE Ergonomics) for many years, Dr Fray then moved into specialising in occupational physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and injury prevention for healthcare workers.  He has worked for Loughborough University since 1996 where he completed his PhD investigating patient handling interventions.

Dr Fray’s research focus is on the application of Human Factors/Ergonomics in a wide range of health and physical performance areas, including patient handling, injury reduction, adapted sport and improving the quality of patient care.  He is actively involved in many local and international research groups and programmes, including:

  • Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre
  • Co-ordinator of the Loughborough Alumni Patient Handling Research Forum (LARF)
  • Co-lead for Ergonomics and Human Factors in Health & Social Care Hub
  • Chair of the International Panel on Patient Handling Ergonomics (IPPHE)
  • Author group for ISO in Patient Handling (ISO TR12296)
  • Previously board member for the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals (USA) and National Back Exchange
  • Literature Review Editor for Column (NBE)
  • Scientific board member for Applied Ergonomics, IISE, IJSPHM (USA).


Dr Fray is most recognised for his development of the Postgraduate Programmes at Loughborough University.  This remains a world-leading programme for PHA to gain an extensive set of ergonomics skills to support their role.  He has numerous peer reviewed journal and conference publications and presents his work on an international scale. Amongst many of Dr Fray’s achievements, is the development of TROPHI: Tool for Risk Outstanding in Patient Handling Interventions, an outcome measurement tool which compares all types of interventions for patient handling in healthcare. TROPHI has gained international recognition.

Dr Fray has been an active member of NBE for many years. He presents frequently at NBE’s annual conference and has his work published in Column. 

PhD, BSc(Hons), BHSc, MCSP, FHEA, Senior Lecturer, Ergonomics and Human Factors, School of Design and Creative Art, Loughborough University