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There are currently three categories of Membership of the National Back Exchange.

  1. Member
  2. Advanced 
  3. Group
  4. Honorary




This category forms the Core Membership of the National Back Exchange. Membership of NBE is beneficial to anyone working, or with an interest in:

  • Promoting Musculoskeletal health and wellbeing
  • Prevention of work-related Musculoskeletal conditions
  • Promoting best practice in Moving and Handling

Membership is suitable for (but not limited to) individuals such as:

  • Those with a recognised qualification such as a Nurse, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist or Ergonomist
  • Moving and Handling/Manual Handling Advisors, Trainers and Key Workers
  • Commercial representatives involved in the development, provision, maintenance and upkeep of Moving and Handling/Manual Handling equipment and assistive aids
  • Workers from a wide variety of fields involved with people who may require assistance with their movement including caregivers, healthcare workers, formal and informal carers, teachers and teaching assistants and students


Benefits of NBE Membership

National Back Exchange Membership provides:

  • Advice and Support
  • Dedicated website forums for members
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to a nationwide network of local affiliated groups
  • Special Interest Groups focusing on specific aspects or field of practice
  • Learning & development opportunities
  • Discounted rates for NBE publications
  • Special booking rates for the NBE Conference each year
  • Access to virtual events
  • Full voting rights at NBE Annual General Meeting
  • Information and updates through NBE social media platforms
  • Access to column; NBE’s journal
  • NBE publications and information leaflets to support practice and training
  • Potential to be involved at a Regional level or as an NBE Board of Directors member
  • Working in partnership with a number of other Key Stakeholders and Organisations to raise the profile and standing of our members; these include the Health and Safety Executive, Care Quality Commission, Health Education England, Skills for Health and NICE
  • Opportunities to set and raise standards by working in collaboration with other bodies

Membership remains current for one year from joining NBE and is renewed on an annual basis.


To JOIN or RENEW Membership:

Apply online here



This category is available to existing National Back Exchange Members who:

  • Complete the application process for Advanced Membership
  • Provide sufficient range and depth of evidence against set criteria
  • Undergo the formal peer review process of their submitted evidence

Advanced Membership is suitable for practitioners who can demonstrate a developed body of knowledge, skill and experience in relation to Moving and Handling / Manual Handling practice. Please see the Standard Operational Procedure for more information and guidance. 


Benefits of Advanced Membership 

In addition Advanced Membership of NBE provides:

  • Evidence of achievement of an Advanced standard in the field of Moving and Handling which has been reviewed by peers
  • Evidence of continuous professional development
  • A criterion benchmark for employment
  • Use of Advanced Member NBE logo (subject to conditions for use)
  • An opportunity to provide Mentor support to new Moving and Handling Practitioners
  • An opportunity to be a Panel review member for new Advanced Member applications
  • Opportunity to promote business interests
  • NBE opportunities in research, mentorship and peer review processes


Advanced Membership remains current for one year from joining NBE at this level and is renewed on an annual basis. On renewal of your Advanced Membership you will confirm that you:

  • Continue to work at this level
  • Agree to be included in the audit process
  • If audited you will provide appropriate evidence and within the specified timescale


To RENEW Advanced Membership:

Apply online here


Why Advance to Advanced Membership? CLICK HERE.

For information on the process download the  Standard Operating Procedure and application document.

*You will need Adobe Reader (available free by clicking HERE) to open the document.

 To register for Advanced Membership CLICK HERE .



Group Membership is where an organisation purchases anywhere between 5 - 50 memberships. Members of the Group receive all the membership benefits, including the opportunity to advance to Advanced Membership. The benefit is to the purchasing organisation. As the memberships belong to the organisation, not the individual member, these can be transferred to another employee at any point during the annual membership period.


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Honorary membership is awarded as a recognition of service to NBE over a number of years. This category cannot be appllied for, it is awarded by the NBE Board of Directors after nominations from the membership.