What is a Group Membership?

A Group Membership is where an organisation purchases several memberships at the same time. A Group can be any size between 5 - 50 members.  Group Membership offers the same fantastic benefits of individual membership, but with added flexibility. 

What’s the benefit of Group Membership?

Individual memberships are ‘owned’ by the individual, regardless of who pays the membership fee. Many individual memberships are paid for by the individual’s employer. If that individual leaves their post, the individual takes their membership with them to their new employer.

Group memberships are ‘owned’ by the employer. The employer purchases a number of memberships in bulk and allocates each of their memberships to their employees. If one of these employees leave their post, the membership remains with the purchasing organisation to re-allocate to another employee.

For example:

Janet is employed by ABC Care. ABC Care pays for her individual membership. Janet leaves her employment for another job. She takes her membership with her. ABC Care must purchase another membership for Janet’s replacement.

Jim is employed by XYZ Care. XYZ Care purchases a Group Membership. Jim leaves his employment for another job. XYZ Care transfers Jim’s membership to Jerry, who is Jim’s replacement. No additional costs are incurred.

How many members are there in a Group Membership?

A Group Membership is a minumum of five members and a maximum of 50, and any size inbetween. The purchasing organisation simply decides which group size best meets their needs.

How do I purchase a Group Membership?

First you need to designate a Group Manager. The Group Manager is an administrator and does not have to be a member. The Group Manager sets up the Group Membership account by completing the Group Membership application form CLICK HERE.

Once the Group Membership fee is paid, the Group Manager will be notified and sent instructions. The memberships are then allocated to your employees. Each employee logs onto their membership account to complete their details. Their individual account is then activated. Each member receives full membership benefits.

The annual membership subscriptions commence at the start of the Group Membership, not when the individual member actives their account. 

Memberships can be transferred mid-term. This ensures the number of memberships purchased stays within the purchasing organisation.

Can Group Members become Advanced Members?

Absolutely. All members have access to all member benefits, including the opportunity to advance to Advanced Membership.

What happens at the end of the annual period?

Simply renew the Group Membership. At this point the number of memberships can be changed to meet the needs of your organisation.

What happens if I am a member of a Group, but I get another job?

As you are a member of a Group, your membership belongs to the purchasing organisation - your employer. When you leave employment, the membership stays with your former employer. Therefore, you will have to join as an individual member or as part of a Group in your new employment.

To apply for Group Membership, CLICK HERE