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The Association exists

to develop, disseminate

and promote evidence

based best practice

in moving & handling.


National Back Exchange was established to share and exchange ideas and information on all aspects of moving and handling. Posts on this platform must comply with the NBE Social Media Policy, and does not indicate explicit or implied endorsement by NBE. Anyone requesting assistance from the membership regarding surveys and research are expected to share results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why must I pay £100 to become an Advanced Member?

As with other professional organisations, in order to process applications, National Back Exchange has had to levy a fee to cover administration costs, travel expenses for auditing and reviewing panels and for production of the certificates.

Why can't National Back Exchange accredit my training courses?

National Back Exchange cannot endorse, accredit or recommend products, services or courses. As a multi-disciplinary organisation, NBE has a responsibility to be seen to be objective and without prejudice.

National Back Exchange would advise that if individuals or companies would like their courses accredited, they should seek advice from their nearest University.

What should I look for when hiring a manual handling trainer?

National Back Exchange has published Trainer Guidelines both at Foundation Level and Strategic Level. These guidelines provide readers with a specification for both a Manual Handling Trainer and Back Care Adviser. Copies of these guidelines can be found on the National Back Exchange website under Policies and Procedures.

How long should a training session last?

A training needs analysis must be carried out to determine what level of training is required for any particular staff group. National Back Exchange has published a Document entitled "Essential Back Up" (2002), which identifies duration of courses.

For an induction course, a basic load handling or back awareness course should last approximately half a day and clinical skills should be a further half a day, (therefore a whole day for people handlers). A foundation course should ideally be two days, (which includes theory and load handling and clinical skills). However, all courses will be subject to local issues.

A copy of Essential Back-Up can be purchased from the NBE Administration office.

What are the legal requirements for manual handling training?

At the present time, there are no legal requirements for manual handling training although the Manual Handling Operations Regulations do require that employees be given information on Task, Load, environment and Individual capabilities; recognition of risk; safe working systems and use of equipment.

However, National Back Exchange has published Training Guidelines, which can be found on the National Back Exchange website under Policies and Procedures.

These set out the standard elements of a training programme, the training delivery, pre-training requisites and planning and recording.

How often should staff handling people receive manual handling training?

Essential Back-Up recommends that staff who handle people, should receive annual training.

What benefits will I get from joining National Back Exchange?

National Back Exchange is a multidisciplinary group for those with an interest in backcare and prevention of work related musculoskeletal problems. The organisation has approximately 1200 members who can all offer each offer, advice and support.

As a member of National Back Exchange, you can access the Members Only page of the NBE website, you will receive a copy of our quarterly journal, Column, you are able to join a local NBE group, all of whom hold meetings and study sessions. You will also receive a discount on our annual conference.

I hurt my back moving a patient - how should I set about claiming compensation?

Claiming compensation is not something that should be taken lightly. It can be an arduous and expensive process. For advice, contact your local Union representative, if you are in a union, or a Solicitor who specialises in personal injury claims.

Does National Back Exchange run Training for Trainers Courses?

National Back Exchange does not run any Educational Courses outside of it's annual conference.

You should be able to find suitable providers close to you, on the internet. However, National Back Exchange cannot recommend or endorse any particular provider.

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